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June Skyhawk News

We hope you are keeping well as we approach the close of this school year. Some school information to share with you.

Moving from Blessed Scalabrini

Please advise the office if your family is moving to another area and not returning to Blessed Scalabrini in September 2024.

PA Days 

There will be a PA day tomorrow Friday  ... Continue reading "June Skyhawk News"


BSI Catholic Education Week and Mental Health Week

This year’s Catholic Education Week (May 6- May 10, 2024)  theme is We Are Called to Love it is also Mental Health Week and to celebrate this theme:

                                                                           As People of Hope:   

Monday May 6th:   Catholic Education Week  Liturgy at 10:45 am led by the  Grade 2  class (in the gymnasium, parents are welcome)

                              1:00 ... Continue reading "BSI Catholic Education Week and Mental Health Week"


School Day is Coming!

The York Catholic District School Board understands that it can be difficult for parents to stay on top of all the activities that happen at school.

That is why we are implementing a new online payment and communications tool in our schools. This tool, called “School-Day”, will be available at your school beginning April 2, 2024.

Benefits ... Continue reading "School Day is Coming!"

Elementary YCDSB PA Day: Friday, June 28, 2024

Elementary YCDSB PA Day: Friday, June 28, 2024

In accordance with the Ministry of Education’s new Regulation 304, “School Year Calendar, Professional Activity Days,” the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) is providing the following summary of P.A. Day activities at the elementary level on Friday, June 28, 2024.

Friday, June 28, 2024 Staff are engaged in closing operations for the end of term.

2024 Lenten Mass

On March 21, 2024 the York Catholic District School Board celebrated the third annual board-wide Lenten Mass of Renewal and Reconciliation. Livestreamed to the board’s 50,000 students, the Mass featured the talented students of St Edward Catholic Elementary School and St Brother Andre Catholic High School, in Markham, who performed the music and helped with the readings.

The celebrant was Bishop ... Continue reading "2024 Lenten Mass"

Carnaval @ BSI

We share some exciting Carnaval news.

Carnaval Week February 5th-9th:

Each day of the week, there will be a specific theme, with a daily Class Bingo offering.  In addition, there will be daily individual prizes to be won and a raffle.  Daily school announcements will showcase these offerings to our Skyhawks. 

Monday February 5th: Tuque,Scarf, and Sash Day ... Continue reading "Carnaval @ BSI"

More School News

Board News

Help Us Hire a New Director of Education

Help Us Hire a New Director of Education

“Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counsellors there is safety.” –Proverbs 11:14

The connection of home, school, and parish is what makes Catholic education unique. This connection recognizes that the community matters and that everyone benefits when the community is involved in our schools.

With this in mind, the York ... Continue reading "Help Us Hire a New Director of Education"

Social Media Litigation

Dear York Catholic District School Board families,

Today, the York Catholic District School Board announced that we are joining the lawsuit against tech giants Meta, Snapchat, and TikTok for disruption to student learning and the education system.  We, alongside ten other Ontario schools and boards, allege that these companies have negligently designed and marketed addictive products that have disrupted our board’s ... Continue reading "Social Media Litigation"

Education Week 2024: We Are Called to Love

Education Week 2024

Each year during Catholic Education Week, Ontario’s Catholic community engages in a week-long celebration of the unique identity and distinctive contributions of publicly-funded Catholic education. This year, Catholic Education Week occurs on May 5-11 with the theme, “We Are Called to Love.” 

The theme was inspired by many aspects of our faith community, including our ongoing efforts to promote equity and ... Continue reading "Education Week 2024: We Are Called to Love"

More Board News