Inclement Weather Procedures

As the season changes and becomes colder, students are reminded to dress appropriately. Remember to wear a warm coat, hat, mittens and proper foot wear. Many of our students are often getting their pants and socks wet during recesses and need an extra change of clothing. Please ensure that your child has an extra pair of pants, a top and socks at school in case of a wet or muddy emergency. Please review with your child the importance of keeping snow and ice on the ground so that everyone has fun in the snow. Thank you for your support.

Extreme Cold Weather (in consultation with CSC)

Temperature and/or wind chill minus 20 degrees Celsius Indoor routine
Temperature with wind chill minus 17 to minus 19 degrees Celsius Outdoor Routine (am & pm recess) and outdoor routine shortened to 20 minutes (20 minutes indoors, 20 minutes outdoors) during lunch recess
Minus 16 degrees Celsius and above Outside routine

Bus Cancellations Hot Lunch Cancellations…all other Cancellations

To ensure the safety of students, school bus service may be cancelled from time to time due to inclement weather, extreme temperatures and/or poor road conditions. When school buses are canceled, so are all school events (field trips, tournaments, etc.,) and school-related services (all hot lunches). Food services (pizza, Food4Students, etc.,) will be available to the students on another day (Pizza Pizza) (you will be notified) all other canceled events will be rescheduled and communicated accordingly. If a bus is cancelled in the morning all school trips, hot lunch programs and evening buses are also cancelled.

In these cases, parents and students should develop alternate care/transportation/ lunch arrangements. Inclement Weather Notifications will be posted to and the YCDSB website.