Month: January 2023

Special Guests Visit Blessed Scalabrini

On November 30th, we welcomed Trustee Wigston, Trustee Grella, and Superintendent Chiutsi to Blessed Scalabrini.  Members from the Student Symposium led the guided tour of our school, sharing our mission of “Creating Culture of Care & Excellence”.  They provided a personalized greeting card with the itinerary of the afternoon, as well as a welcome message for each of our esteemed visitors.                                     

Christmas Read Aloud & Singalong

On December 22,  our Grade 6 class led a Christmas read aloud with various Christmas songs embedded in the narrative.  The school community was invited to join in the songs.  It was an afternoon filled with Christmas cheer and delight.  

Advent Mass with Father Carlos

On December 15th, 2022 we welcomed Father Carlos to our school to celebrate mass with us as a faith community.  As we ended the year, we reflected on our many gifts that God has given us.  We prayed for peace and were inspired to build a world full of love and peace. 


Wellness Week at BSI & Bell Let’s Talk Day

During the week of January 23rd-27th, our school will focus on Wellness as Bell Let’s Talk Day is honored on January 25th.  On Monday, January 23rd classes will participate in a meditation. On Tuesday January 26, students will create mandalas. A school-wide reflection activity will be offered on Wednesday, January 26th.  On Thursday January 26, our classes will select  an activity from a choice board ... Continue reading "Wellness Week at BSI & Bell Let’s Talk Day"


Anti-Bullying Presentation at BSI

On January 25th we will  welcome Ms. Kuperman who will lead an engaging Anti-Bullying presentation.  Powerful visual demonstrations, and audience engagement will  ignite students to reflect on how they, as leaders, can promote inclusivity and avoid exclusion of others.  Parents are welcome to join us in the gym at 1:20pm.


BSI Student Symposium

Our Student Symposium will be working on some wellness artifacts which will be displayed in the new Wellness Room.  They will continue to work with Ms. Rodrigues to support our four school pillars to continue to create  “Cultures of Care & Excellence”