CSC Nominees 2023-2024

Dear Parents/Guardians of the Blessed Scalabrini community,

Thank you to the 2023-24 nominees who have declared their candidacy for an elected position as a parent/guardian representative on the Catholic School Council. Each candidate was asked to write a brief biography.

On Tuesday Sept. 26th 2023, the 2022-2023 at 6:30 pm our council will be dissolved and the council for this school year will be assembled. Thank you for your commitment to Catholic Education.

Jeoff Shiekh

I am a lawyer working with professional services with a firm.  I have a daughter in Grade 5 and would like to contribute by volunteering at the school.  I believe it is important to contribute in a meaningful way to provide a positive environment for our children.

Sally Gerguis

I am an administrative accountant with 15 years of experience.  8 years experience in Accounting.  I am interested in pursuing the position of Treasurer for the Catholic School Council.

Kathy Gonzales

I was previously on the Catholic School Council for 2022-2023 as the Secretary.  I am interested in pursuing the position of Community Representative.

Chris Duhamel

I have an accounting background, and am a small business owner.  I am organized and wish to help the school and community.

Paloma Cedro

My family and I moved to Canada five years ago.  I was born in Canada but raised in Brazil.  I have a law degree and was a lawyer for seven years  before working in Brazil’s labor courts.  For the past twelve years I have been working as an assistant judge in the labor court system. I am also a board employee assisting Blessed Scalabrini as a Lunchtime Supervisor.

Serhii Bilonohova

I am interested in pursuing a position on the Catholic School Council.

Evelina Pribula

I have a Bachelor Degree in Economics and work as an accountant.  I would like to bring my accounting and leadership skills to the Catholic School Council on behalf of the community.  I liked gardening and have looked after the school flower bed this summer. 


Melanie Wilhelm

I have two children at Blessed Scalabrini in Grade 5 and Grade 6.  I have been an active member of the Catholic School Council since my children started.  I have been the Chairperson for the past few years.  I am interested in pursuing the position of Community Representative to focus on fundraising and other fun events for the school.