Pediculosis (Head Lice) in Schools

The York Catholic District School Board recognizes concerns related to pediculosis (head lice) at the school and community level. Pediculosis (head lice) are not a public hazard, as they do not cause illness, but they are a nuisance. To prevent pediculosis (head lice) from becoming a problem at our school we all need to work together. Please check your child’s head on a regular basis for lice or nits. If you do find lice or nits, you must contact the office so that we can notify other parents in your child’s class to keep a special watch for any signs of head lice.

A student’s readmission to school is contingent upon the Parent/Guardian submitting a completed and signed  “Pediculosis Treatment Form” communicating to the Principal that treatment for pediculosis (head lice) has been administered.

More information on the identification, treatment and prevention of pediculosis (head lice) from the Canadian Pediatric Society is located in this link.